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Westminister Community

Inner City Play Solution

Can a playground transform a community? “Absolutely,” says parent and community volunteer Rohan Crown who helped bring an extraordinary new play space to an economically-disadvantaged community.

Parts of the aging wooden playground structure in his neighbourhood had been condemned by the city so kids could no longer play on it. It had become an eyesore and a magnet for vandalism and loitering. Parents formed a committee and started planning. They wanted to create a stand-out play space that would make the community proud and improve their public image. While they were aiming for something showy and inspiring, they also needed a structure that would stand up to the demands of an inner-city setting.

Combining playground favourites with a stunning net structure in a sophisticated, neutral colour scheme, the Blue Imp team created a show-stopping playground loaded with fun for all ages. On the practical side, we kept the design as transparent as possible in order to maximize visibility, prevent hiding spots and make it easier to supervise. Flat surfaces were kept to a minimum to discourage loitering, roofs were avoided and steel construction ensured long-term durability under tough conditions.

The end result is a truly spectacular playground that is drawing people from all over the city and gaining admiration from other communities. Rohan believes the playground is one step toward a brighter future for his community. “We look at it with joy and satisfaction,” says Rohan. “To some it’s just a park, but for these kids it gives hope.”

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