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Making Play Inclusive

Playground of Caring

Children with special needs are the focus of this caring school and principal Mark Blankenstyn was determined to ensure that all of his students would be able to enjoy rewarding play experiences with their peers. And so, the idea for the “Playground of Caring” was was born!

The goal was to create an inclusive, multi-purpose playground design that was accessible, welcoming and fun for students of all abilities. Equally important was to accommodate children with behavioural or sensory exceptionalities. To accommodate this dual goal, the Blue Imp design team dreamed up a fully-ramped, multi-deck playground structure complete with a variety of slides. A variety of freestanding pieces were added to supply climbing challenges as well as  the much-loved and beneficial swinging and spinning activities. Pour-in-place surfacing ensures smooth access to all areas of the play space.

This “wheelchair playable” playground design allows wheelchair users to roll right on to the Bouncing Buddy Bus or even to roll all the way up to the top deck with their friends. Slides at low heights are accessible for students with sufficient upper body strength.

Swinging and spinning events provide fun for all children, but can be especially appealing to children on the autism spectrum. Our multi-user U-Swing allows children with limited core strength to lie back and enjoy the experience of swinging. Last but not least, a large climbing net and boulder bring challenge and fun for kids who love to clamber and climb.

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