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Quality Matters
Play Long! Play Safe! Play Strong!

At Blue Imp, we insist on using superior materials because we believe kids are worth it. Playgrounds may look similar at first glance, but when you take a closer look, you will find big differences in design, materials and warranty. Those differences matter to the longevity of your investment and the safety of your children.

Long-Lasting Fun

Blue Imp builds products to make the fun last. We strive to choose superior processes and materials and to create products that will outlast enthusiastic play and weather extremes. It’s all about making fun a priority without compromising safety or quality.

Leading Safety

As a leader in playground safety, Blue Imp is proactive in ensuring that our structures meet or exceed industry standards set out by the Canadian Standard Association and ASTM International. Understanding that safety is about more than simply meeting a standard, we design with safety in mind. Our see-through designs allow for easier supervision while our easy-grip steel rails, hammerlock connectors and limited deck heights help keep kids secure.

Steel Advantages

When it comes to durable fun, steel rules. That’s why we prefer to design with steel whenever suitable and possible. Steel is vandal-resistant, weather-proof, static-free and cochlear-implant friendly. As the world’s most recycled material, steel is greener, too.

Backed by Warranty & Pride

As the longest-standing playground equipment manufacturer in Canada, we continue to stand behind our products with confidence, family pride and the best warranty in the industry