b'BLUE IMP BORDER TIMBERS An easy-to-install alternative to treated wood timbers. Cost-effectiveRecycled materialWeather-resistantStrong, smooth,Maintenance-free roto-moulded designBORDER TIMBER BORDER TIMBERBP-10 ADAPTORBP-09 1800mm (72) x 300mm (12) x 150mm (6)Includes two 20mm (3/4) x 760mm (30) galvanized stakesSAFETY SURFACINGAll playgrounds must be installed over resilient surfacing. Over 70% of injuries which require hospital treatment are caused by falls onto a hard surface. Cushioned surfaces help protect children from serious injury. To be effective, the surfacing must cover the complete protective surfacing zone for each playground structure. The depth required will depend of the type of surfacing and the fall height of the equipment. Many different types of safety base are available including loose fill materials such as pea gravel and sand, engineered wood fibre or unitary surfacing such as rubber tiles and pour-in-place rubber surfacing. Availability of material, weather conditions, wheelchair accessibility and cost are all factors in deciding which surface type best meets your needs.Please contact your Blue Imp representative to discuss options and requirements. 116 www.blueimp.com|1.800.661.1462'