b'Don Scott, 1952 - 2019It is with feelings of family pride, heartache and a renewed sense ofAs our product line continues to evolve, our core values remain the purpose that we bring you our newest catalogue. same: we insist on putting fun first without sacrificing quality or safety and we strive to create memorable play experiences for all children.In the summer of 2019, the Blue Imp and S.F. Scott family experienced We invite you to browse our catalogue and discover a world of ideasa significant loss. Despite this event, we are more committed than everfor your next playground or park project. From our thrilling newto our values and our vision for the future. As a fourth-generationSkyPlay tower to ideas for inclusive play, we are proud to bring youfamily-owned company, we continue to build on the legacy begunhigh-quality, made-in-Canada playground products. Our in-house by my great-grandfather Simon F. Scott in 1917, advanced by his sonteam and nation-wide sales consultants are ready to help you and your Don Scott Sr. and transformed by my father, the late Don Scott. It iscommunity play strong.both remarkable and humbling that we have been part of Canadian communities for over 100 years. Stu Scott'