www.blueimp.com | 1.800.661.1462 108 REGULAR BEARING HANGER SP-14 89mm (3-1/2") beam SP-15 60mm (2-3/8") beam Galvanized ductile iron. Comes with oil-infused bronze bushings. WRAP-FREE BEARING HANGER SP-16 89mm (3-1/2”) O.D. beam Heavy-duty cast aluminum with a wide bearing surface. SOFT-EDGE SWING SEAT SP-525 Aluminum shell covered with resilient rubber. SLASH-PROOF BELT SEAT SP-526 Slash-proof bonded rubber with stainless steel grommets. SLASH-PROOF TOT SEAT SP-531 Slash-proof bonded rubber with steel fasteners. SWING SEAT PACKAGES 1.  Specify name and model number of swing (see p.106). 2.  Choose type of seat and bearing hanger (see table below). 3.  Specify quantity and code of each seat/bearing package. Seat Type With Regular Bearing Hanger With Wrap-Free Bearing Hanger Slash-Proof Belt SRR SRW Soft-Edge SSR SSW Slash-Proof Tot STR STW Accessible SAR SAW HAMMERLOCK SP-541 Strong, maintenance-free galvanized steel connectors. A Blue Imp standard for added safety. REPLACEMENT SWIVEL SP-32 25mm (1") oil-infused bronze bushings. SAFETY CHAIN SP-529 4/0 long link. ACCESSIBLE SWING SEAT SP-533 Body-embracing design for support. S-HOOK PLIERS SP-530 GALVANIZED S-HOOK SP-535 SWING SUPPLIES •  Hammerlock connectors provide safe, maintenance-free performance •  Zinc-plated chain with SilverShield coating for maximum corrosion resistance