www.blueimp.com | 1.800.661.1462 124 M. HORIZONTAL LADDER Develops upper body strength and shoulder flexibility. FT-8028 In-ground FT-8028B Surface-mount J. JUMP TOUCH A fun cardio work-out and lower body strength builder. FT-8016 In-ground FT-8016B Surface-mount L. TAI CHI WHEELS A gentle exercise to improve mobility in upper arms and shoulders. FT-8039 In-ground FT-8039B Surface-mount Wheelchair Accessible: FT-8039W In-ground FT-8039BW Surface-mount K. PARALLEL BARS Builds upper body and core strength. FT-8006 In-ground FT-8006B Surface-mount J M N L K N. HORIZONTAL BARS Four heights enable a variety of exercises for strength, cardio and flexibility. FT-8038 In-ground FT-8038B Surface-mount IMPULSE FITNESS stations are designed to provide a full-body workout for a variety of skill levels, from beginner to expert.