www.blueimp.com | 1.800.661.1462 134 D. PARK GATE 0.9m (3’) high, 2.4m (8’) long •  Lockable in both open and closed positions •  Fabricated of heavy-duty galvanized powder-coated steel tube BR-305 E. REMOVABLE BOLLARD 0.9m (3’) high Unique design allows for quick removal of bollard by unlocking any one of the locks. BR-300R  F. PERMANENT BOLLARD 0.9m (3’) high BR-300 A. DOUBLE-TIER ILINI Ideal for outdoor classroom. Various sizes and styles available. B. NAVAJO PARK SHELTER Various sizes and styles available. (Tables not included.) C. GAZEBO 2.9 m (9’6”) long, 2.6m (8’3”) wide Constructed of powder-coated steel for style and durability. Order in colour of your choice. PK-184FO In-ground PK-184BFO Surface-mount Table not included. Also available with benches and rails: PK-184 In-ground PK-184B Surface-mount D E B F A C Shelters & Security COMPLETE YOUR PARK SPACE with gazebos, shelters, park gates and bollards.