123 Outdoor Fitness & Sport | IMPULSE F I. RING CHALLENGE Promotes upper body strength and hand-eye co-ordination. Lower rings provide wheelchair accessible option. C19-27 Various configurations available. E. LOWER BODY COMBO Builds balance and strength through walking, step-up aerobics or two-foot plyo jumps. FT-8021 In-ground FT-8021B Surface-mount F.  PUSH-UP / REVERSE PUSH-UP Develops strength in upper body and core. FT-8022 In-ground FT-8022B Surface-mount E G H I H. WARM-UP STATION Offers multiple options for muscle warm-up, stretching and strength-building. FT-8023 In-ground FT-8023B Surface-mount G. CORE STATION Ideal for a variety of core-strengthening exercises. FT-8010 In-ground FT-8010B Surface-mount IMPULSE FITNESS stations are designed to provide a full-body workout for a variety of skill levels, from beginner to expert.