C 125 Outdoor Fitness & Sport | OUTDOOR GAMES E DISC GOLF, TETHERBALL and basketball provide outdoor recreation for all ages. F B D A SLAMMER HOOP OPTION Add our extra-durable Slammer Hoop to any Blue Imp basketball goal. Spring-loaded, with heavy pivot and channel-iron mounting brackets. Outdoor Games E.  STANDARD BASKETBALL GOAL Features 89mm (3-1/2”) O.D. galvanized support post with heavy 0.9m (3’) extension.  RC-320 With standard hoop shown RC-320S With Slammer Hoop F.  ULTIMATE BASKETBALL GOAL Features 114mm (4-1/2”) O.D. galvanized support post with 1.2m (4’) extension.  RC-322 With standard hoop RC-322S With Slammer Hoop shown A. TETHERBALL UNIT One piece support post made of 60mm (2-3/8”) O.D. galvanized pipe with a polyester powder coat. RC-360B Post & Ball RC-360 Post only RC-360C Tetherball only D. THREE POINTER UNIT Constructed of heavy polyethylene top and 89mm (3-1/2”) O.D. galvanized steel pipe post. RC-325 Post & Top C. CATCHMASTER HD DISC GOLF BASKET Built for maximum durability. •  30 strands of galvanized chain for better catchability •  trapper basket, top and post constructed of galvanized, powder-coated steel RC-500 B. DISC GOLF SIGNAGE RC-501 shown c/w space for sponsor recognition RC-501A