131 RAINBOW BUDDY BENCH Powder-coated steel, various colours. PK-159S In-ground PK-159SB Surface-mount PK-159S-C In-ground c/w custom wording PK-159SB-C Surface-mount c/w custom wording BACKLESS BUDDY BENCH Powder-coated steel, various colours. PK-149S In-ground PK-149SB Surface-mount PK-149S-C In-ground c/w custom wording PK-149SB-C Surface-mount c/w custom wording HARMONY BUDDY BENCH Your choice of colour in lasered, powder-coated aluminum. PK-138 In-ground PK-138B Surface-mount FRIENDSHIP/BUDDY BENCH Durable and comfortable vinyl-coated steel. PK-151F In-ground PK-151BF Suface-mount Also available with Buddy Bench wording. PK-151Buddy In-ground PK-151BuddyB Surface-mount Buddy Benches PROMOTE FRIENDSHIP, co-operation and inclusivity on the playground with a Buddy Bench. Bench length is 1.5m (5’). Site Amenities | SEATING