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Blue Imp Cares About Green

Caring for our environment and reducing our carbon footprint are important matters for Blue Imp. From our eco-friendly steel products to our PVC-free plastic components, we strive to choose materials that are positive for the environment. In fact, when it comes to green thinking, Blue Imp got a headstart. In the 1930s, long before “recycling” was a concept, Blue Imp founder Simon F. Scott reclaimed the steel tubing from decommissioned steam locomotives to manufacture swings, teeter totters and slides.

Leaner and Greener

Blue Imp continues to move forward with lean manufacturing initiatives to increase efficiency and reduce waste. From improving energy efficiency to ensuring every piece of waste metal is collected for recycling, lean manufacturing helps minimize our impact on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Steel

Blue Imp recognizes that steel is an eco-friendly choice for playgrounds. It’s one of the reasons we offer such a wide array of steel playground products. Steel’s long lifespan, high recycle content and easy recyclability make it more sustainable than other materials. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet; in fact, two thirds of all new steel comes from recycled input. Once the time comes to replace your equipment, the steel can be easily recycled in most communities.

PVC-Free Plastic Components and Solvent-Free Coatings

Along with steel, Blue Imp chooses materials that reduce environmental impact and risk to children. Our plastic components are a food-grade polyethylene resin free of PVC, lead and other heavy metals and can be fully recycled where facilities exist. Our polyester powder coatings are free of solvents and heavy metals.

Manufactured Right Here

We all know that buying local is greener. Because Blue Imp products are manufactured in Canada, our products are much closer to you, the customer. The same goes for service and parts. Better for you and better for the environment!