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image of the team from Advance OT , occupational therapy specialists for children

Partnership with Advance OT

At Blue Imp, we believe in developing playground equipment that meets the needs of all children. For that reason, we have formed a partnership with Advance OT, a firm specializing in providing occupational therapy services specifically for children. We work closely with the experts at Advance OT to help us develop inclusive playground equipment that will engage children of all abilities!  With advice from Advance OT, we can ensure that the products are designed with children’s needs and best practices in mind so that children with diverse needs can live their best playground life!

Currently Advance OT is assisting us in developing an adaptive seat for use on spinners, rockers and swings.  We are also working on a Communication Board for playgrounds among other projects. Watch these new products coming soon! 

To learn more about Advance OT and the services they offer, we encourage you to visit their website: