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Planning Your Playground
A Step-by-Step Overview

Playground projects require a great deal of planning and decision-making. While this can feel overwhelming, it is a tremendously rewarding experience. This information is intended as a guideline only. Contact your local Blue Imp representative for assistance or call our head office at 1-800-661-1462. Our expertise is free!

1. Form A Committee

Step one of your playground journey is to bring together people with varied skills to help with all facets of your project, from planning and fundraising to site prep and installation. Diverse expertise will spread out the tasks and make the process more enjoyable.

2. Determine Your Objectives

Setting goals and objectives is an important step. Questions to ask yourself:

  • what age groups will use the playground?
  • how many children do you need to accommodate?
  • what site/location do you have in mind?
  • are there considerations regarding special needs or inclusivity?
  • how important are clear sight lines and ease of supervision?
  • is vandalism a concern?
  • how important are safety, quality, durability and warranty?
  • how important is sourcing a Canadian-made product?
  • is ease of installation a concern?

3. Setting a Budget

When setting your budget, be sure to take into account the following:

  • play equipment including additional items such as park furniture
  • borders and safety surfacing
  • shipping of equipment and surfacing; temporary storage
  • site preparation, installation and site reclamation

4. Sourcing the Funds

Your Blue Imp rep can provide support to help you reach your fundraising goals:

  • sourcing grants and preparing grant applications
  • approaching and securing sponsors and partners
  • choosing effective, high-profit fundraisers
  • providing customized promotional material
  • ask about our “Fun”Raiser Toolkit

5. Selecting the Site

Before selecting a site, take time to confer with the landowner, maintenance department and/or other stakeholders. Determine the location of utility lines. Try to find a site that is:

  • highly visible and well-lit for maximum safety
  • large enough to accommodate your user group
  • easy to access for all users including maintenance
  • relatively flat with good drainage

6. Selecting your Design

This is the exciting part! Be sure to refer to your list of objectives and consult your Blue Imp rep so to help make your dreams a reality. Our experienced sales and design team provide professional services entirely free of charge, including:

  • meeting with your group to discuss needs/options
  • preparing a proposal with 3D images and drawings of the proposed designs
  • modifying the design until it is exactly right for you
  • providing a site plan showing boundaries, dimensions, orientation, components, etc.
  • ensuring all safety specifications are met or exceeded

7. Choosing Your Surfacing

All playgrounds must be installed over resilient surfacing to prevent injuries from falls. Your Blue Imp rep can help decide which option is best suited for your project. Options include:

  • pea gravel or sand
  • engineered wood fibre
  • pour-in-place rubber
  • rubber tiles
  • synthetic turf

8. Planning the Installation

Budget requirements usually mean that site preparation and installation decisions are made during the planning stages. Consult your Blue Imp rep early on about what option will work best for your project. Regardless of the option you choose, your rep will help you plan and prepare, co-ordinate with suppliers/contractors as needed and follow up post-installation.

  • supervised install (community build): supervised by a professional installer, a crew of volunteers will prepare the site as well as assemble and install the equipment
  • professional install: complete site prep/installation by an insured, factory-certified crew
  • combination install: site prep by your own workers/volunteers, followed by professional assembly and installation (other combinations are available)


We look forward to helping you with your project!