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Fun Comes in Many Colours!

Playground Colours

Playground colours add to the fun! Choose the colours you love and count on long-lasting vibrance with our super durable polyester powder playground coatings, formulated for maximum UV stability, fade resistance and gloss retention. Note: Actual product colour may vary from the images shown as every device has a different capability to display colours, individuals may perceive colours differently and lighting conditions may affect the appearance of the colours. Blue Imp cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the colour of the product.

Playground Panel Colours

Playground panels are constructed of UV-stabilized HDPE for long-lasting vibrant colour. The * denotes that the playground panel shown is also available in the opposite colour scheme (i.e. white-black and black-white, etc.)

Playground Vinyl-Coating Colours

Durable, heavy-duty vinyl coatings are applied to platforms, decks, ramps and stairs as well as vinyl-coated park furniture. Available in four colours as shown.