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Made in Canada, For Canada!

Blue Imp products are made in Canada and we are proud of that! Family-owned and operated for four generations (since 1917!), we have grown to become Canada’s longest-standing manufacturer of playground equipment, crafting a vast array of high-quality playground and park products at our headquarters in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Crafted by Canadians, for Canadians

At Blue Imp, we understand Canada’s climate and strive to design products that stand up to weather extremes while offering year-round play value. Because Blue Imp is 100% owned and operated in Canada, you can rest assured that the products you buy meet or exceed all CSA standards and were manufactured under safe and fair working conditions.

Employing Canadians

Blue Imp provides quality jobs for Canadians in a wide range of fields, including design, drafting, fabrication, finishing, quality control, sales, administration, shipping and installation. In addition, Blue Imp’s apprenticeship and training opportunities help to develop Canada’s workforce.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Because our products are manufactured right here at home, they are closer our customers, which means less transport and lower emissions, both for your initial purchase as well as service and parts in the future.

Building a Strong Canada

As the engine of the economy, manufacturing creates a multiplier effect that generates wealth and job growth in other sectors. By purchasing Blue Imp products, you are helping to build a stronger Canada. Blue Imp founder Simon F. Scott summed it up with these wise words: “What Canada makes, makes Canada!”