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Made in Canada Matters

Canadian Made Playgrounds

Canadian Made Playground Equipment Matters

Canadian made playground equipment is what Blue Imp is all about. And we believe that Canadians value Canadian made products!

Blue Imp is 100% Canadian, family-owned and operated, for four generations (since 1917!). That makes us Canada’s oldest (and most trusted) playground maker!

Our high-quality playground equipment and park amenities are crafted at our manufacturing facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta. From product design and manufacturing to delivery and installation, we do it all! We are proud to employ Canadians. And we are proud to supply communities across Canada with Canadian-made playgrounds!

Canadian-Made Quality

Canadians can and should expect quality from Canadian made playground equipment. We want to make playgrounds fun for kids. At the same time, we want to ensure that our products stand up to the needs of the Canadian climate. For us, Canadian-made means meeting the standards that Canadians expect. Our products are manufactured under safe, fair working conditions and meet or exceed industry standards.

Employing Canadians

Buying something that is Canadian made directly increases jobs within Canada. Blue Imp employs Canadians in many different fields. These include: design, drafting, fabrication, quality control, sales, administration, shipping, construction and general labour. These jobs help Canadians provide for their families and generate tax dollars for public services.  In addition, Blue Imp’s training opportunities help to develop Canada’s workforce.

Beyond creating jobs, Blue Imp also helps build a stronger economy. Manufacturing is the engine of the economy. It creates a multiplier effect that generates wealth and job growth in other sectors. So by buying Canadian made playground equipment, you are helping build a stronger Canada. Blue Imp founder Simon F. Scott summed it up with these words: “What Canada makes, makes Canada!”

Closer to Home = Greener

Are you concerned about the impact you have on the environment? If so, buying Canadian made playground equipment is worth considering. Because our products are made right here, they are closer our customers. This means less transportation and lower emissions. In addition, Blue Imp abides by Canadian sustainability standards. We strive to use greener materials and reduce our carbon footprint. Read about our commitment to sustainability here:

Learn more about why Canadian made matters!