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Buddy Benches

Buddy Benches and Friendship Benches, where children feeling lonely can simply sit to signal to other kids their need for companionship, are intended to foster kindness and inclusivity on school playgrounds. Blue Imp Buddy Bench designs are customizable with the colours and wording of your choice. Proudly designed and fabricated in Canada for superior quality.

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What Is a Buddy Bench?

The “Friendship Bench” is a proactive solution designed to combat loneliness and social anxiety among school children, particularly those who are new to a school. Here’s how it works:

The Buddy Bench serves as a designated spot where students can go if they’re feeling isolated or lonely and want to talk to other children.

Sitting on the bench is a non-verbal cue to other kids that the individual is seeking companionship. Other students recognize this signal and are encouraged to approach the bench to talk and play, offering friendship.