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"Steel" the Advantage!
Choose Stainless Steel Slides for Long-Lasting Fun

More and more municipalities and school boards are mandating stainless steel slides on all new playgrounds. Why? Because at the end of the slide, it comes down to this: nothing beats stainless steel for long-lasting performance that’s low-maintenance, vandal-resistant, eco-friendly, fast and fun!

Highly Durable and Vandal-Resistant

Stainless steel slides stand up to rough play and extreme weather conditions and are less prone to graffiti than slides made from other materials. Because steel slides are not flammable, they are not an attraction for vandals. Thanks to their durability and vandal-resistance, stainless steel slides require little to no maintenance over their lifetime. Best of all, Blue Imp stainless steel slides are backed by a 20-year no-nonsense warranty for added peace of mind.

Better for Hearing-Impaired Users

Because stainless steel slides do not create the static electricity they are a better choice for children with hearing impairments who wear cochlear implants. This makes stainless steel slides more inclusive than other type of slides.

Eco-Friendly Sliding

Steel’s long lifespan makes it a greener choice than other options. In addition, steel is the most recycled material on earth and is easy to recycle in most communities. A great way to reduce the use of plastic!

So Many Ways to Slide

Blue Imp leads the way with an impressive array of stainless steel slide designs. From our extra-steep, extra-fast Deep Dip slides in single, double and triple formats through to our curvy Spiral and 90 Degree designs, Blue Imp’s wide selection of stainless steel slides ensures variety for diverse ages and stages.