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The Nova agility circuit playground features challenging climbing, hanging and clambering activities in an engaging circuit format. Facilitates playground games such as grounders and a fun way to build skills. Designed to meet Annex H.

Model Number
Area Required
10.5m x 8.2m (35' x 27')
Sale Price
Age Ranges
5-12 years
Type of Play
Accessibility/Annex H
Annex H compliant
balancing activities, brachiating activity (using arms to swing from rung to rung), climbing and clambering activities
Motor Skills
agility, balance, coordination, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination
Colour Options
available in various colour schemes
Format Shown

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Longlasting Quality

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Great Product, Great People
The playground is perfect and the kids love it. Even my carpenters that installed it had good things to say. Great product and great people working with it. Art Olson, Operations Manager—School District No. 10, B.C.
Professional Approach Was Outstanding
"The Blue Imp team was a pleasure to work with during our Rotary Peace Park Playground replacement project. Their expertise and knowledge in playground design made it possible to maximize the play value of this highly-used,  marquee playground within the City. As a bonus, they were able to offer play features that presented relevant local themes, such as dog sleds and a paddlewheeler.  We have received a large number of positive comments from residents regarding the new play structures. From design to installation, their professional approach was outstanding. We look forward to working with Blue Imp on future projects." City of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Hassle-free from Start to Finish
"When you are building a large-scale project, customer service is number one. Blue Imp worked with us hand in hand. They responded to our questions immediately, discussed options, explained all the details and guided us through the project from planning right through to the installation. The whole process was hassle-free from start to finish." Delburne Futures Committee