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Eastview Middle School

Middle School Motivator

“Middle school kids are still kids.” And the need for play doesn’t end at 1o or 12. Parents and educators at Eastview Middle School knew that while the students had left primary school behind, they still needed opportunities to be active and busy. Thus the idea for an agility circuit was born.

The main goal was to provide various activities to keep students physically active during recess breaks. Another need was to create fun fitness options for phys ed class. Terming the project an agility circuit rather than a playground helped students feel they had moved beyond the traditional school playground.

The Blue Imp design team selected our contemporary uPlay series for this project. We chose challenging upper body activities, various motion-based components and a large net-based structure. Slides were a no go.

In addition, fitness stations, basketball goals and disc golf were added to appeal to the middle school age group.

From the agility circuit activity area through to the other recreational and fitness options, these middle school students are loving the final result!

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