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Dr. Ken Sauer Elementary School

Inclusive Fun

Creating an inclusive playground with a natural feel was the goal for this brand new school. Delivering fun for a large and diverse student population was key.

Principal Peters says he had a big vision for the playground from the get-go.

“Our main goal when we first started was for it to be an inclusive playground,” says Peters. “The rubberized surface allows kids with mobility issues to get anywhere in the playground versus if you have something like pea gravel.

“We also wanted to have certain features within the playground be down at a level where a child could engage on the ground with a wheelchair, but also ramps they can access.”

To meet these goals, our design team created a multi-faceted structure designed to entertain younger students as well as bold adventurers. An extensive overhead circuit with varying levels of difficult provides upper body action. The double-decker design creates an element of risk. This design incorporates climbing challenges as well as exciting sliding action.

To provide upper body fun for younger students and wheelchair users, some overhead components were set at lower heights. A wheelchair ramp provides access to the main structure. In addition, various ground-level activities help create an inclusive playground where students of all abilities can play with their friends.

Knowing how much children of all ages enjoy spinning, our team added several spinning pieces. The multi-user Ocean Wave supplies spinning for diverse ages and stages. Finally, a large set of swings round out the play on this inclusive playground.

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