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George Freeman School

Freestylin' Fun

Because athletics and active living are a core component at George Freeman School and the teachers aim to instill “the virtues of being active into all of our students”, incorporating fitness and physical activity was a key priority for this school community. Also of importance was the need to include a broad diversity of play types to accommodate all abilities and to engage students with mobility challenges. Creating maximum play value was another key goal.

From the outset, the Blue Imp design team recognized that incorporating our Blue-Kour Series would be a great fit with the school’s emphasis on athletics and fitness. Inspired by parkour, the Blue-Kour series delivers an obstacle course where users can challenge each other to run, jump, climb, vault or whatever is needed to complete the course in record time. The “Freezone” circuit was placed on the far end of the play space in order to separate the parkour activity from the rest of the playground equipment.

On the other end, the Blue Imp team dreamed up a  multi-faceted playground bursting with climbing, clambering, balancing and sliding activities along with an extensive upper body circuit. A multi-user Merry-Go-Round and climbing net help to spread out the action and round out the play activities. Vibrant colours were chosen to tie in with the colourful panels on the outside of the school. Because accessibility and inclusivity were important to the school, the playground was designed with a variety of ground level play as well as a wheelchair ramp leading to a multi-user Accessible Train for parallel play and interactive.

Not only does the playground look fabulous, but kids are loving the end result!


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