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Obstacle Course Playground

Freestylin' Fun

Athletics and active living are a core component at George Freeman School. The teachers aim to instill “the virtues of being active into all of our students”. For that reason, designing a playground that fused fitness and fun was essential. This made our Blue-Kour Freezone obstacle course playground an ideal choice.

From the start, our design team recognized that our Blue-Kour Series would be a great fit for this school. Inspired by parkour, the Blue-Kour Freezone obstacle course features a variety of challenges. Obstacles include climbing, balancing, and upper body events. Users can challenge themselves to run, leap, climb, vault or whatever is needed to complete the course.

For this school, the obstacle course was just the beginning. Equally important was creating an inclusive playground and providing different types of play. The goal was to accommodate all abilities and to engage students with mobility challenges.

A wide range of ground level play was chosen to create a more inclusive play space. In addition, the ramped playground structure features a multi-user Accessible Train for interactive fun. Rubber surfacing throughout  ensures mobility for users of all abilities.

A multi-faceted playground bursting with clambering, balancing and sliding activities creates all kinds of play for various ages and stages. An extensive overhead circuit provides upper body fun and brachiating action.

A multi-user Merry-Go-Round supplies the motion kids love. A large climbing net help rounds out the play activities. Vibrant colours were chosen to tie in with the colourful panels on the outside of the school.

From the Freezone obstacle course playground through to the accessible playground structure, this school truly succeeded in combining fitness and fun for all!,%2Din%2Dplace%20rubber%20surfacing.


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