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Village of Milo

Small Town, Big Dreams

Who says a small town can’t dream big? It’s clear that the village of Milo decided that being small doesn’t mean thinking small when they hatched the idea to raise funds for a fun-filled destination playground with a science theme.

Blue Imp rose to the challenge to create a unique custom design with science-y touches throughout and oodles of play value for all ages and stages. Designed to mimic a nucleus the playground features a large climbing net as the nucleus with loads of climbing, clambering, hanging, balancing and sliding activities surrounding it. Speedy stainless steel slides up to 95″ high provide thrilling descents fro adventurous users while lower slides and ground-level play cater to younger children. Details such as the Space Station storefront panel and planet toppers complement the space theme. The play space was finished with seamless pour-in-place surfacing scattered with colourful spots for added play value.

Residents of Milo are optimistic that their shiny, action-packed new playground will attract families who are travelling through the area and help put their village on the map. It’s all about dreaming big and playing strong!


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